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The Face-Off: Vape God vs. Vape Sod

Austin Lawrence: this guy makes the sigaretta elettronica weep, period. Apparently he is so good, the rapper Drake flew him out to his crib for a show! Rare is the vaper who hasn't tried vaping tricks with his/her electronic cigarette. If you like vape tricks, get ready to have your mind blown.

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A Glory being Stifled! A short and sweet e-cigarette video

Do you own an electronic cigarette? Interested in learning about vaping and e-cigarettes in general? This video spells out everything about electronic cigarettes in under three minutes - a must see.

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Electronic cigarette research

Sigaretta elettronica

As the Tobacco Products Directive continues to create shockwaves in the sigaretta elettronica industry, we always find ourselves coming back to the main issue about electronic cigarettes and the TPD: safety.

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